Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness...

Maybe it was because I had three disheveled-looking kids in tow, or because I looked as tired as I felt; or perhaps this man simply had Jesus in his heart. As my kiddos and I were walking out of Chick-fil-a this evening, a man handed me something without saying a word and continued on to his table.  I turned it over in my hand; a Chick-fil-a gift card.  I was stunned. I turned to see where he was heading and I approached him and asked, "What is this??" He simply replied, "It's for you."

It was the strangest feeling being on the receiving end of such a random act of kindness. I didn't feel worthy. In fact, I almost felt guilty.  I thought that surly there was someone - or some other family - who needed this much more than we did...

But this random act may not be random at all.  God meets us where we are and today, He met me at Chick-fil-a! I was a drained mama trying to keep it together and muster up enough energy to make it until bedtime. He knew I'd been skimming the grocery money to pay for copays, prescriptions, medical bills, etc. He knew that this restaurant is where I take the kids to help fill the witching hours on days Thad is traveling.  He knows. He knows every detail!    

I am certain that God works through people, and I am so grateful this man chose to be His hands and feet.  It was so nice to witness firsthand a little bit of light in a dark world.  Thank you, Mr. Gift-Card-Giver!!!  You have fueled my fire to continue paying it forward.  Maybe this story has inspired you to do something kind for a stranger - I know I am all about helping my friends, but this has opened my eyes to reaching out to those I have yet to meet. :)

Have a glorious weekend, friends!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

They Said What?!

I love the way a child's brain works... there is this combination of innocence, curiosity, and honesty that can leave us wincing with embarrassment, or unleashing a good healthy belly laugh!

Over the last few months, I started writing down some things my kids have said that made me laugh.  My dear nanny friend, Jenn, has shared a few gems from her days working with her kiddos as well.

I hope this brightens your day - and maybe encourages you to document these moments of hilarity with your own kiddos.  You never know, it might come in handy one day (I'm thinking a wedding speech of some sort?!) ;)  Enjoy!!!


Ben: [points to my face, just below my nose] Ewwwww!!!
Me: That's called a pimple.
Ben: Can you take it off?
Me: nope.
Ben: ooooh [thinks for a second, points to inner lip] I have a nipple right here. I can't take it off either because it hurts.
Me: [laughing]. That's not a nipple, it's a p-imp-le [trying to say it slower].

Me: I'm pooped!
Ben: You have to poop??
Me: No, when you're pooped it means you are tired.
Ben: Oh, I'm pooped, too. [pause] I'm peed, too.
Me: What?
Ben: When you're peed, it means you are sweaty.
Me: Hmm. Sound logic I guess.

Me: Go outside! It's beautiful!
Ben: But there are bumblebees out there!
Me: They won't bother you, they are just looking for flowers
Ben: But I smell like flowers!

Me: Ben, what do you want for dinner?
Ben: [in all seriousness] Strawberries, candy, and bubble gum.

Me: Let's go to the library today!
Ben: Yea! And I'll ask the library human if they have the Lego Movie.
Me: You mean the librarian?....

Ben: I like to wrestle Max
Me: I know, but not too rough, ok?
Ben: Why? I can beat him. I'm stronger than him. Pretty powerful. Like a bear. Or a honey badger.
Me: I think you watch too much Wild Kratts...

Ben & Gigi: Can we watch a movie before bed?
Me: You can watch the TinkerBell one.
Gigi: What about the Barbie fairy one?
Me: No, that one is too long. It's already 7:45pm
Ben: But it's only 12 feet long!
Me: .....

Me: [sipping my morning coffee] Mmmmmm.
Ben: I want some coffee!
Me: You want coffee?
Ben: I don't want to drink it, I just want to taste it.
Me: ???

Me: [to Trevor] Oh, now you are going to throw things you copy cat?
Gianna: That's not a copy cat, that's Baby T!

Ben: [looking in the mirror] Mom, am I going to turn black?
Me: What? Why do you ask that?
Ben: Because look [points to dark circles under his eyes]

Me: Come on you guys, you have to eat different foods because your body needs different vitamins to grow.
Gianna: I got vitamins in my butt, see? My butt is growing!

Gianna: [looking intently at my face] Is your forehead broken?  It looks like a road.
Me: Those are called wrinkles

Ben: Feel my beard mom! I have some spikes coming out [rubbing chin]
Me: Oh yea? [rubs his chin] I don't know about a beard, but I see little mustache hairs!
Gianna: I have a mustache on my arms, see!? [shows hair on her arms]

Gianna: I am going to make a school.
Me: Cool. What are you going to teach at your school?
Gianna: [as a matter-of-factly] ABCs and God.

Me: Ben, do you know what Christmas is?
Ben: Yea! Holly jolly!

BIL: Let's play the rhyme game
Niece: ok!
BIL: Bird...
Niece: Turd!!
BIL: [laughing] do you know what a turd is?
Niece: Yea, it's a baby turtle!
                                -Audrey, age 3

Niece: Sometimes my dad picks me up and puts me on his nipples.
Me: You mean shoulders?
Niece: Oh, yea.
                               -Olivia, age 4

Charlie: I have a lot of seeds in my nose.
Claire: Charlie, those are boogers...
                               -Charlie, age 4
                               -Claire, age 10

And a few good one-liners for you...

I feel like I can drive because I can tie a knot. -Charlie, age 4

[to Jenn, who lost her voice] I hope next Christmas when Santa comes, he brings you a new voice. 
- Charlie, age 4

I am going to drive daddy's boat in the ocean with my ho-ho jammies on. -Ben, age 2.5

[shouts from the toilet:] Mom! I don't have ouchie poops anymore! Just nice poops! -Gianna, age 3

Mom, when is my pinky going to grow up? -Ben, age 4

Dad, why do you have a beard in your nose? -Ethan, age 4


Please feel free to comment with your own additions to "They Said What?!" :)