Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness...

Maybe it was because I had three disheveled-looking kids in tow, or because I looked as tired as I felt; or perhaps this man simply had Jesus in his heart. As my kiddos and I were walking out of Chick-fil-a this evening, a man handed me something without saying a word and continued on to his table.  I turned it over in my hand; a Chick-fil-a gift card.  I was stunned. I turned to see where he was heading and I approached him and asked, "What is this??" He simply replied, "It's for you."

It was the strangest feeling being on the receiving end of such a random act of kindness. I didn't feel worthy. In fact, I almost felt guilty.  I thought that surly there was someone - or some other family - who needed this much more than we did...

But this random act may not be random at all.  God meets us where we are and today, He met me at Chick-fil-a! I was a drained mama trying to keep it together and muster up enough energy to make it until bedtime. He knew I'd been skimming the grocery money to pay for copays, prescriptions, medical bills, etc. He knew that this restaurant is where I take the kids to help fill the witching hours on days Thad is traveling.  He knows. He knows every detail!    

I am certain that God works through people, and I am so grateful this man chose to be His hands and feet.  It was so nice to witness firsthand a little bit of light in a dark world.  Thank you, Mr. Gift-Card-Giver!!!  You have fueled my fire to continue paying it forward.  Maybe this story has inspired you to do something kind for a stranger - I know I am all about helping my friends, but this has opened my eyes to reaching out to those I have yet to meet. :)

Have a glorious weekend, friends!