Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toddler Tip Tuesday: OUCH!

Warm weather certainly brings sunshine, smiles, and trips to the park - but it can also bring skids, scrapes, and the other kind of trip... the one that makes your kid face-plant at the park and stand up with a mouth full of gravel and a nice gash in his knee. You know the kind...

Today's Toddler Tip:
Pack yourself a travel First Aid kit.

I carry one in the diaper bag and I have one in the car and house as well. The one in my diaper bag was free from my hospital! I went on their website, filled out a quick survey and received it in the mail shortly thereafter - you should look into seeing if your hospital provides free first aid kits, too! :) It is small with a few essentials: antibiotic ointment, various sized bandages, antiseptic towelettes, and aspirin and antacids (the last two are for me!).

The one in the car has a few more things (pictured below)... a better variety of bandages (including butterfly strips), anti-itch cream for those nasty bug bits, antibiotic ointment, chapstick, cleansing wipes, etc. I picked this one up at Walmart for just under $10 (definitely worth the small investment).

So the next time you go to have some fun outdoors, make sure you are prepared with more than a kiss for your kiddo's boo-boos. Bring that first-aid kit along for the ride, too!

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