Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Seasons of Parenthood

I have been needing a lot of encouragement lately.  Between all the changes in the last year, Thad's heavy travel schedule, and days on end being a "single" mom have not only exhausted me but made me question whether or not I was doing what I was made to do.  I asked my husband, "Do you ever feel like you aren't good at your job?" Without hesitation he replied, "No."  I tried explaining to him that I feel like the tantrums, the crying, the fussiness, Ben's constant harassment of his little sister, coupled with his deliberate disobedience are constant reminders that I suck at my job - to raise kind, loving, happy, obedient children.  Okay okay, I know I might be a little hard on myself here - and I don't ALWAYS feel this way, but you know those days I'm talking about!  Anyway, my friend Jess Wehner e-mailed this article:

A couple of my current "Phases & Moments:"

Ben: The I'm-going-to-look-you-straight-in-the-eyes-and-do-exactly-what-you-told-me-not-to-do phase

Gianna: The I'm-cutting-a-million-teeth-right-now-and-there-is-nothing-you-can-do-to-make-me-happier-or-sleep-better phase

Some Moments:  listening to Ben sing along to songs in his own little language & seeing Gigi's "scrunchy nosed" smile

Please share with us a phase and a moment that you are currently experiencing in your parenting journey!!
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Happy Hump Day!

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