Monday, September 24, 2012

"Me Either" Monday! Sept. 24th

Have you ever thought you were being the coolest mom ever by taking your kids into the Disney Store, only to have your 2 year old throw the mother-of-all-tantrums and knock down an ENTIRE display of Toy Story figurines?  Not to mention, having to push the stroller with little sister in it with one hand while football-carrying the screaming & kicking toddler out of the store with your other hand?  Yea, me either. ;)

Or have you ever invited a friend over for a first-time play date and lunch, only to discover after they've left that the beautiful sandwich you made them was with moldy bread!? Yea, me either. ;) (Sorry about that again, Jamie!) haha

And finally, have you ever been fascinated and disgusted at the same time when you can tell exactly what your baby ate the day before, just by changing their diaper?? Yea, me either. ;)

Well friends, is there anything you "haven't" experienced lately?  Please share! I love your comments!! (Liz, Kristen, Dana...)

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