Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Parenting Advice Ever

I came across this e-mail a while ago, but just now got to read it (isn't that the way it is?!).  I found it very interesting!  It was sent from Parents Magazine and I just had to share!

It's called "The Best Parenting Advice Ever" and they intereviewd various people that are involved in the typical child's life (doctors, teachers, babysitters, etc) and asked them what advice they would love to give parents, but would never say to the parents' face. Very honest. Very insightful.

After reading the article, it made me think of some advice I myself would give - and I think anyone can relate!

My advice:  Be sensitive to the fact that other parents may do things differently than you do. Don't think what I am doing is wrong because it isn't the way you would do it.  Or even better, if you don't have kids, please - and this is putting it nicely - keep your mouth shut!! I know we've all heard the sentences that started like, "Are you going to let..."  "Don't you think you should...."  "Why don't you...".  Makes my blood boil.  I would like to finish those sentences for them.  "Are you going to let me... change the subject before I gouge your eyes out?" "Don't you think you should... have spent the last 3 years with my kids before you tell me what I should or should not be doing?" And finally, "Why don't you... wait until I ask you for advice before you so freely give it."

Every family is so unique - and every child within the same family is unique! We won't always chose the right method of discipline, sleep train the right way, nurse long enough (if at all), feed our kids organic foods, or sign them up for Gymboree classes.  If you truly love your kids, you will do what you feel is best for them - and who are we to judge?

Anyway, I'm off my soapbox now! Here is the link to that artcle - it's a pretty quick read.  Enjoy!

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