Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The "Not So Magical Moments" of Pregnancy...

I have been dying to share this post with you all! Now that pregnancy #3 is official, I can share all the wonderous things that have been happening - that I somehow blocked from my memory from the last two pregnancies.  Let's be honest... if we remembered every little thing about being pregnant, chances are we would never (willingly) do it again! hahaha Here are just a few of those...

The-Not-So-Magical-Moments of Pregnancy:

The majority of your laundry is pajamas (kids, too) because you've felt too crappy to even get dressed most days

Ugh! What is that smell?!

Somewhere between weeks 5 and 12 you were convinced there was a such thing as pre-partum depression, and you were going to self-diagnose yourself (thanks to exhaustion, morning sickness, etc).

The toilet paper runs out a lot faster, and it's not because of #2....

Speaking of #2, I can't help but think it is conditioning me for D-Day

Something I haven't seen in a while has suddenly come out of hiding... cleavage!

I knew it was time to call the doctor about my nausea when the smell of my own fart made me puke

You sneeze and pee a little.

You laugh and pee a little.

You cough.... you get the picture.

Seriously, what is that smell?!

When you think you feel the baby kick... then you fart a few seconds later

Or you actually did feel the baby kick, but it was a straight shot to your cervix/bladder/ribcage

The morning you wake up and your belly sticks out farther than your boobs (this is about the time your toes disappear, too)

That weight check that confirms you weigh as much as (or more than) your husband

When you've moved up two bra sizes.... again

When your hemmorhoids are so frequent you start to name them (Herman, Harley, Hank...)

When a food commercial comes on you either gag (food aversions) or automatically crave it (when is that next weight check again??)

When you look ready to pop.... at five months.

And finally, when your water breaks and you're so excited to have started labor on your own... then you remember somebody has to clean that up!

and this list can go on and on!

Please feel free to add on in the comment section! 

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