Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toddler Tip Tuesday: A Spot for Your Tot

Ben was 22 months old when Gianna was born. If you’ve ever had a baby (and odds are you have if you are following my blog..,) then you know how time consuming a baby can be. And if you add a toddler to the mix, you also know it wouldn’t be wise to leave them at large while you have your hands full feeding the baby!

Something Ben started doing on his own was sitting next to the rocker while I nursed Gigi. To help encourage this, I made this little “spot” more comfortable and stocked it with things he can do independently. He also knows it’s a time to be quiet. This way, he doesn’t feel left out or alone while I am feeding his little sister, but it’s still a peaceful environment for the baby (& me!).

If you’d rather, you can also set this spot up somewhere else in the house. Create an enclosed area that is safe and stocked with goodies for your little one (at least enough to keep him or her busy for 20ish minutes). It helps ease the stress and guilt of being pulled away from your oldest, but still allows for the bonding that happens between you and baby during feeding time.

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