Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toddler Tip Tuesday: A Storage Solution

A puzzle just isn’t as fun if there are pieces missing, crayons don’t ever seem to fit as well in their box as when you first bought them, and there always seems to be a sea of small toys scattered about.

An easy and cost effective solution: Repurpose food containers for storing your tot’s toys.

I keep Ben’s puzzle pieces in an old Chinese take-out container. The crayons are in an old lunch meant container, and the colored balls are in an animal crackers tub. It also makes clean-up a snap! Ben loves putting the things into their containers.

Toddler Quick Tip: Does your little one equate veggies to toxic waste like mine does? Mix cooked (& smashed) cauliflower into your kids’ mac n cheese – they will never know!

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