Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: What's Your Level of Chaos?

On Friday, my husband was invited to use some guest passes at the YMCA. So, he took our two littles and met up with his sister and her kids to go swimming. Fun, right?! Well, as you can imagine with four kids under the age of four, things didn’t go quite as planned… Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? I think it might apply here…

To make a long story short, after Ben threw a tantrum for not wanting to leave the pool (understandable, right?) he proceeded to pee on the locker room floor. As this was happening, Thad’s sister noticed they were clearing the kids out of the pool. She thought, “Hmm, it must be adult swi….” but that thought was interrupted by her daughter saying, “Mom, I pooped in my suit.” Yep. Her potty-trained three year old caught a tummy bug that decided to make its appearance in the pool. (Now Ben giving the tile floor a golden shower didn’t seem so bad after all! Ha!)

It’s okay. It happens to every parent. It happens to me. It happens to you. It happens to the parent who appears perfect. No parent is immune to chaos! (There is no vaccine for that one, huh?)

The point I am making here is this: As a parent, you need to be comfortable with a certain level of chaos.

Just remember it’s only a tiny glimpse of your life, and it too shall pass.

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