Friday, February 10, 2012


Hello Friends!

Since I feel my brain is wired to follow routines, I thought I would run my blog the same way.  "Can't Clock Out" will feature 'Not Me Mondays' (things I said I would never do as a wife and mother, but inevitably have), 'Toddler Tips Tuesdays' (from food to discipline to sleep and everything in between), 'Words of Wisdom Wednesdays' (something I learned that week that I couldn't pass up sharing), 'Thankful Thursdays' (self-explanatory...), and 'Nothin' Fancy Fridays' (a casual post that could include tips about anything from fashion to organizing your home!)

My hope is that you will enjoy reading these posts as much as I like writing them!  They will be short and sweet - just as our "free" time often is.  Now step away from your computer/iPhone/iPad and wipe that snot dripping from your kid's nose and change that baby's diaper... oh wait, that's what this mom  needs to do! ;)  Farewell until Monday! :)

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