Monday, June 11, 2012

Not Me Monday: June 11th

I did [NOT] get to the store and 5 minutes later walk out because Ben would not sit down in the cart basket, was choking his sister, and then proceeded to jump in the cart. *sigh*

I did [NOT] totally spaz out when I couldn’t figure out how to install Ben’s car seat

I was [NOT] absolutely ecstatic over getting a dresser & nightstand to put in the loft for a very modest price – Thanks Jack & Amy Hough!!! (That’s when you know you are getting old… you get giddy over furniture!)

I did [NOT] use Ben’s uneaten chicken nuggets to put in my salad and considered it my protein for the day.

And finally, I did [NOT] use the booster seat and high chair as means of containing my kids so I could finish folding laundry without having my hard work strewn across the room.

What is something you did [NOT] do this week?


  1. I did (NOT) arrange play dates for Kestyn this week so that I can get the house packed up without her "help."

    I did (NOT) make frozen pizza two nights in a row, just to clear out the freezer for the move.

    1. Ha! Love that, TB! Good luck with the move!