Monday, June 4, 2012

Not Me Monday :: June 4th

When checking out a new church this weekend, I DID NOT almost laugh out loud in the middle of prayer when I realized the pastor reminded me of Schmidty from The New Girl 

 After coming back downstairs from changing Gigi's diaper, I DID NOT find Ben's legs and feet covered in pen #toddlerart 

 After hiring a babysitter to watch the kids so we could finish moving the last of our things to our new place, we DID NOT use some of that time to eat dinner out 

 And finally, I DID NOT say I would be "clocking out" of this blog until April 18th, only to return June 4th ;) #oops

 So tell me... What is something you did [not] do this week?? 

 ::: Happy Would-Be Birthday, Mom!!! Miss you so so much <3 :::

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