Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toddler Tip Tuesday: Stranger Danger!

I picked up this great tip from my friend Nicole W...  

One of our biggest fears as parents is that our child(ren) will be abducted or kidnapped.  My toddler tip today: A Secret Password.  If anyone is to pick your child up from school, a party, practice, the park, etc. then they MUST tell your child the "secret password."  If the adult doesn't know the password, your child knows it is not safe to go anywhere with him/her.  It is important that your kiddo knows that it is a secret - that is not to be shared with anyone. Mommy and daddy are the ONLY ones who may share this special word with anyone.  Practice scenarios with your kids, too.  This will make them well equipped to deal with such a situation – God forbid it ever occurs.

I know I can’t implement this quite yet with Ben or Gigi but I certainly plan to when the time comes!  

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