Friday, June 22, 2012

Nothin' Fancy Friday: Papi's Playhouse

My Dad has a lot of time, tools, and creativity.  Hence, he built Ben an awesome "playhouse!" I had to share it with you all - even though it isn't finished yet, I thought it was pretty cool!  The most impressive part is that he did it entirely from scratch!

Here is the "entrance" to the playhouse.  

 Inside the door is a sandbox! 

When you need a break from playing, you can relax on the bench and have a snack at one of the two mini tables!

 Inside, just above the sandbox, is a secret cubby!  What kid wouldn't love that??

 My dad's neighbor's kids had outgrown their swing set so he offered the parts up to my dad.  He reconfigured it and used some swings and the slide, and repurposed a lot of the wood.

We can't forget about the sliding windows and the ball track in the sandbox! You put a ping pong ball or golf ball in the small hole on the left, watch it roll down the chute through the plastic window and it pops out of the pipe at the bottom! 

It has already gotten lots of use!  Thanks, Dad!!! =D

I hope you are outside enjoying the summer! 
Have a great weekend!

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