Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Me Monday

I did NOT eat an entire box of vanilla wafers…. in one day… and could have eaten more!

(yes, I got sick that night…)


I did NOT want another baby (for a split second) while watching A Baby Story on TLC


I did NOT convince Thad to help me clean the house before leaving this weekend… partially because it needed to be done, but also because I was stalling and wanted to spend a little more time with him!


I did NOT go bathing suit shopping and didn't try a single thing on

(maybe next time??)


And finally, I did NOT sing a lullaby in the car for almost an hour to keep Ben from crying on the way back to Indy


What is something YOU did "NOT" do this week??


  1. I did not change Berkley on the floor of a dressing room.

    I did not have a mini meltdown while in the dressing room b/c nothing fit.

    1. Ha! I love that you have one to add each week - keep them coming! :)

  2. I did not "make" cereal for dinner, even though I was home all day.