Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Friends with [Health] Benefits

Did you know that a night out can actually improve your health? A new study finds that strong social relationships can increase your chances of living longer by 50 percent!
Say What??!!

Here is a short list of things to plan with your friends and buddies, just to get you inspired:

A Pinterest Party: Plan an evening when the hubbies take the kids and the girls get together to do things they found on Pinterest. For example, I saw this :: :: and a girlfriend and I are meeting at her parents' house to make one!

Sign up for a Class: Park districts offer classes for a pretty reasonable price. Also, I heard that Whole Foods has classes you can sign up for, too. Grab a few of your besties and do one together!

Volunteer: Check with your church or visit to get plugged in. Research shows a boost in mood, health, and sense of purpose as a result of giving your time and energy to a worthy cause.

A Few As & Ds: Meet up with some friends for some appetizers and drinks. Nothing beats a night out with some great people and good conversation!

As crazy as life can get, make sure you take some time - and MAKE some time - for you.
After all, it's what the doctor ordered!


  1. Great advice! :)
    As soon as I have this little one i want to start volunteering on occasion. Also, I love pinterest so much. You might call it an obsession. :/